A large number of baroque and classicistic houses and vernacular architecture remain well preserved in the village of Valeč. They have mostly timbered or wall-mounted ground floor and half-timbered first floor. One of the most significant if the house no. 15, 16 a 19 in Podhradní street, and no. 44 in Široká street (direction Jeřeň). A simple dwelling demonstration are houses no. 47 in Dolní street and even the classicist one no. 56 in Horní street, with half-timbered gables.

A two-storey house no. 82 in Růžová street has a timbered ground floor and the first floor is made of half-timbered construstion. Further a house no. 115 on the Trhovém náměstí (The Market Place) has both its ground and first floor timbered and the gabled wall is heading Karlovarská street which is laid by decorative asbestos cement templates. On The Trhové náměstí is also a late baroque house no. 130 with its ground floor from mixed masonry, the first floor from half-timbered construction, as well as the neighbouring no. 132 with its frontage made in classicist style.