The Parish Church of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist dominates the triangular square in the very centre of this picturesque village.

There is a Funeral Chapel of Saint Stephen and a baroque Chapel of God's Grave placed on the northern part of the nave. On the southern part of the nave is situated a sacristy. In the front of parish church stands a Renaissance prismatic tower extended up by a wooden bell-tower having stands for the bellman. The tower is topped by a massive roof of an unusual shape. Inside the chapel of the Štampachs' family has been a well-preserved epitaph and a vallued composition of 11 headstones dating back to 17. century. A complicated ground plan of the church resulted from its gradual extentions. Even a famous architect G. A. Bianno Rossa had also his share in changing this church into a final baroque style. In front of the southern part of church are placed 3 statues, Saint John of Nepomuc, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Anthon of Padua.

The parish church fell into disrepair during the second half of the 20th century. Luckily it was repaired again, between 1993-2001, and by a significant part also from the contribution dedicated by the original Germen residents. The Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist is an immovable cultural monument.

A Marian Pillar with a statue of the Virgin Mary (from the beginning of the 18th century) stands in the middle of the square opposite the church.

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