VALEČ - Valtsch)

Land Registry Valeč in Bohemia, a little town on the foot of The Doupovské Mountains (533m n. m.)


There is a traditional concept of the town - its built-up area is spreading all around the triangular square with the Church of Saint John the Baptist and it is running out from the square to the side streets. On the south edge there is a cemetery with the Chapel of Grieving Virgin Mary, in the valley bellow, there is a partly half-timbered Manorial Mill (in Czech Panský mlýn, in German Herrnmühle). South of the square, as a part of the modern compound, there is The Museum of Valeč (illustrating the history and the development of Valeč). On the hilly west edge of the village is spreading the Castle Compound with other historic buildings. The dominating ones are The Castle Church, The Presbytery, The Hospice and The Mansion (in Czech Panský dvůr standing south of the château). Behind the château, there is a beautiful and extensive park with a hillock of the older castle.

The village is first mentioned in 1358, when there is the first mention about 'a Ctibor' from Valeč, but the village settlement is evidently far older. In 1514 by the intercession of Jakub form Vřesovice, a noble man from Valeč, the village was promoted to a town by Vladislav II. Jagelonský.

On the turn of the 17th. and 18th. centuries, there was a radical rebuilding of the town to the baroque style, and its image is by a large part preserved up to now. Since half of the 19th. century there comes a stagnation and after World War II, in connection with the expulsion of the original German population and mainly after founding a new military unit in the very neighbourhood of the town, there came a real decay. In between the two world wars there were more than 150 houses, however, after the war there was just a half of them left.

In 1992 Valeč was declared a town historic heritage area and since then it undergoes gradual repairs of all its monuments. The area is a part of nature conservation area of 'Valečsko' Region.

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