A Baroque Church stands in a dominant position on the south-west of The Chateau, not far from the entrance gate to the Castle Park. It was designed by an Italian architect Giovanni Antonio Biano Rossa, who lived and created his master pieces in Valeč between 1701 – 1732. It represents a central building which is rare for its square form seen from outside but oval form seen from inside. 

It is first mentioned in 1710 in the testament of the Count Jana Kryštofa Kagera from Štampachu, where the count wishes to be buried in the crypte of a newly built church. In the year of his death (1718) the count let the hillock nearby the château levelled with the plan to build a church there.

The exterior of the church, as well as all the inside decoration and equipment was in a large measure damaged by vandals. Later, in 2009-11, the run-down church was reconstructed and it is now an immovable cultural monument.

 barokni valec 01